Stop SB281

SB 281 – HB 294 Firearm “Safety” Act of 2013
(as of March 11, 2013)

Maryland Legislators have introduced a bill which could result in the largest infringement on 2A rights in US history! Find out how you will be affected!

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“Assault Weapons” Banned

This bill dramatically expands the definition of assault weapons. It creates new classes of banned firearms: Assault Long Guns and Copycat Weapons

All firearms fitting these definitions will be illegal to purchase or bring into the State after October 1, 2013.

All currently unregistered owners will be forced to register them or face up to a year in prison.

Semi-Automatic Handguns:

  • Assault Pistols, BANNED (no grandfathering if purchased after 1994)

  • Fixed magazine > 10 rounds, BANNED

  • Barrel Shrouds, BANNED

  • Threaded Barrels, BANNED

  • Second hand-grip, BANNED

  • Magazines inserted outside of the pistol grip, BANNED


  • Any shotgun currently regulated, BANNED
  • Revolver-style shotgun, BANNED
  • Semi-Auto Shotguns BANNED if:
    • Telescoping OR Folding stock
    • Pistol grip

Semi-Automatic Center-fire Rifles:

  • Any rifle currently regulated, BANNED
  • Lengths less than 30” BANNED
  • Fixed magazines > 10 rounds, BANNED
  • Banned if any 2 of:
  • Forward pistol/vertical grip
  • Telescoping or Folding stock
  • Flash hiders
  • Grenade/Flare launcher
  • Pistol Grip


10 Round Magazine Limit

All detachable magazines with a round count of >10 rounds will be illegal to purchase or transfer into the State of Maryland.

Banned Weapon Regulations

  • Existing unregistered owners may keep their firearms, but must register them or face up to a year in prison.

  • Existing owners will not be able to sell a banned weapon in Maryland.

  • Failure to register firearms by Jan 1, 2014 will result in a fine which increases every 6 months up to $1000 per firearm.

Firearm Qualification License

To purchase or RENT a handgun OF ANY TYPE, you must first obtain a license. This license is akin to a Firearms owners ID (FOID). What must you do to obtain this license?

  • $25 Non-refundable license fee, plus $20 every 10 years

  • Background check, including fingerprints (you must pay the costs)

  • 4 hour training class (you must pay for class and ammunition)

  • Demonstrate “proficiency and use”
    (hard to do if you can’t rent a gun without this license)

  • Total estimated costs: $300

Carry Permits

  • No change has been made to the Good and Substantial clause of the law, which is the current law that makes it nearly impossible to get a carry permit

  • In addition to that, a new 16-hour handgun training course must be completed as well.

Bill Ramifications

  • Demonizes owners of a massive number of commonplace firearms, by banning the purchase or transfer of those firearms; including those moving into the state. This affects many firearms not previously regulated.

  • Criminalizes formerly law abiding gun owners if they fail to abide by the new law, by subjecting them to prison time.

  • Complicates the lives of new residents as they have a mere 30 days to register their firearms or are subject to prison time.

  • Burdens the poor from exercising their 2A right to defend themselves. Imagine a poor single mother that has been threatened. She is being asked to front over $300 just to be allowed to purchase a handgun.

  • Mandates minimum sentences that cannot be suspended or shortened by parole for 5 years on first offense and increasing to a decade on second violation. Prosecutors can still plea bargain away the charge.

  • Confuses transportation laws of regulated firearms. It appears that if you transport a grandfathered banned weapon out of state it will be illegal to ever bring it back into Maryland.

  • Excludes new shooters by requiring an expensive and complicated license to rent a handgun.

  • Irrationalizes that cosmetic changes make a firearm more dangerous.

  • Ignores FBI statistics on the usage of rifles in crimes.

Why is this Bill Titled the Firearm Safety” Act?

It isn’t to reduce murders due to “Assault Weapons”. Only two out of the 217 homicides in Baltimore last year were committed with a long gun of any type. No mention of whether either of those 2 committed with long guns would even fall under this regulated category.

This isn’t about the Sandy Hook massacre. Neither the word “security” nor “school” can be found anywhere in the entire document

It is not about stopping criminals. Criminals are exempt from registering their regulated firearms as that amounts to self-incrimination under the 5th Amendment.

What does that leave?

This bill is deceptively named, it has absolutely nothing to do with safety. This bill is all about political posturing. It is designed to do nothing more than deprive you of your 2nd Amendment rights, while doing nothing to stop deaths.

Last year in Baltimore, 45% of suspects arrested for murder had already been arrested for prior gun crimes. If the legislators were serious about saving lives, they’d introduce laws requiring the imprisonment of these criminals for a long time, as opposed to giving them a slap on the wrist and releasing them. That is a real solution to a real problem.

We need you to help us unite against this tyrannical bill, so it may be thrown out before it gains further traction!


What You Can Do to Help

  • Go to and find your representative in Annapolis.
  • Tell your elected officials to support the 2nd Amendment rights of Marylanders.
  • Make your voices heard during the General Assembly session. Help us continue to show our strength in numbers. Our solid showings will remind the General Assembly that we are many, and we are watching.
  • Join Maryland Shall Issue® at various outreach activities throughout the year. Educating the public that gun owners are peaceful, law-abiding citizens is a key part of our mission.
  • Introduce a friend to firearms and self defense, as people often fear what they do not understand.
  • Send letters to the editor of newspapers you read, but make sure you use factual and sound arguments.
  • Educate yourself on what is going on 

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