Regular Membership: $10/yr. Regular members are able to attend meetings and participate fully in MSI events, but cannot vote or hold leadership positions.

Sustaining Membership: Min. $50/yr. Sustaining members are those friends of the 2nd Amendment who want to give a little more financial help to MSI but without undertaking the responsibilities of an EM. The sustaining membership gives MSI the ability to honor those who go above and beyond with financial support.

Executive Membership: $50/yr. Executive members are able to vote and hold leadership and committee positions in addition to other functions. Executive Members have access to and contribute to strategy and planning activities before they are made public. Due to this access, Executive Members must undergo a vetting process. The process is objective, and all information remains confidential.

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To Join via Mail: complete our paper application and mail it with payment to the address provided. 


Maryland Shall Issue® welcomes donations of any amount from current members or those seeking to advance 2nd Amendment Rights in Maryland. If you wish to donate without joining, you may do so using the link below.

Donations may also be mailed to:

Maryland Shall Issue®, Inc.
1332 Cape St. Claire Road #342
Annapolis, MD 21409
Make Checks/Money Orders payable to: Maryland Shall Issue®.

If you experience any difficulties with this form or Paypal, please contact the MSI Webmaster for help.