How to Apply for a Maryland Handgun Carry Permit

The Maryland Handgun Carry Permit application is a complicated document. As a private citizen seeking a permit for self defense, there are many pages in the application that you will not use.

Sample Application with Guide Information

Guide and Sample Application


Get the Application

We strongly recommend getting the app from the MSP since it may change; however, if the site is down, we have a locally hosted version. 

Get the Application from the MSP


Page Breakdown

  • Pages 1 through 4 are the instructions.
  • Pages 5 and 6 are only for renewals and do not apply.
  • Page 7 needs to be filled out and notarized. It is the basic “Are you a felon, etc” form you fill out to purchase a gun. You must also provide your employer(s)’ information dating back five years. Name, address and phone number.
  • Pages 8 and 9 do not apply and deals with private detectives.
  • Page 10 is a continuation sheet for those long answers from pages 5 through 9.
  • Page 11 does not apply and deals private detectives and Special/Railroad Police.
  • Page 12 is your references.
  • Page 13 is a blanket form to allow release of all your records to them. It must be notarized.

Stop Here and Read

If you have any concerns about your background, it is highly advisable to consult a lawyer before applying. Providing FALSE information on this application can result in felony charges and a lifetime ban on ownership of firearms. You will be subjected to a full background check with no stone left unturned. If you have previously received PBJ(Probation Before Judgment), you should strongly consider seeking an expungement before applying. Maryland Shall Issue cannot provide legal assistance or advice, only information.


Maryland requires fingerprinting for the permit. We suggest having this done electronically via LiveScan.

LiveScan Fingerprint Information

Additional Information and Locations


You must submit two passport style photos measuring 1 1/2″ by 1 1/2″ against a white background. Photos must be taken within 30 days of applying.

Mail the Application

It’s time to mail the application. Mail the Application to the Maryland State Police address on the application form. We recommend priority mail with return receipt so your application will arrive within three days of your Live Scan session. Do not delay in submitting your application. LiveScan prints and your photos are both time sensitive.


The process can take months to complete.