What is required to buy a gun?

In general; there are two main requirements.

1.) Identification. You will need identification that both proves your identity and establishes residency. Generally you may purchase rifles and shotguns in any state that allows you to; but handguns and other “regulated” weapons must be purchased or transferred in Maryland. See additional FAQ’s for information on regulated weapons or transfers across state lines.

Note: Residency for those on Active Duty or who live in dual states can be complex. Generally speaking, you may purchase firearms in any state you can prove residency, including the one you are on active duty in. States requiring firearm owner ID cards can be the exception to this rule. Please consult a gun store for more information.

2.) To purchase handguns; you must obtain a Handgun Qualification License (HQL).  Please see our brochure to find out what is entailed in obtaining this license.

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