Maryland State Police (MSP) sharing your personal information!

Maryland State Police (MSP) sharing your personal information!

On Friday night it was reported by the Associated Gun Clubs that Governor O’Malley had ordered the Maryland State Police to bring in personnel from the following agencies to help with parts of the background check process required in the Maryland form 77r (Authorization for Release of Information to Purchase a Regulated Firearm):

• Department of Human Resources
• Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
• Department of Transportation
• Department of Public Safety
• Correctional Services of Department of General Services

On Saturday this information was confirmed by Senator Nancy Jacobs and Delegate Mike Smigiel.

AGC Press Release
Senator Jacobs Press Release 1
Senator Jacobs Press Release 2
Sunday Update from Nancy Jacobs
Delegate Smigiel Press Release

This is in direct violation of the Maryland Code of Regulations (COMAR)which specifically states the MSP may only use personnel from other police agencies as part of their investigation.

This regulation is due in part to the extremely sensitive nature of the information Maryland citizens are forced to provide the MSP as part of the background check process.

Other than a reported confidentiality agreement, there appears to be no effort to investigate the possible criminal backgrounds of these employees.

Many of these agencies, the Department of Corrections in particular, have been in the press lately for links with criminal organizations, and now the governor has handed them a shopping list with resident’s name, address, date and place of birth, social security number as well as information on the firearm the applicant intends to purchase for over 38 thousand Maryland citizens who are waiting for the MSP to complete their background checks to purchase a firearm. This has the potential to be a one stop shopping list for identity and firearms theft.

MSP has put out a press release to assure you that since all of these temporary employees have promised not to share your information that you have nothing to worry about.

MSP Press Release

We find their answers to be less than sufficient to say the least.

We urge our members to contact all of our representatives in Annapolis and demand that the MSP comply with COMAR by ceasing this practice and maintaining the privacy of Maryland citizens as they are required to under Maryland law.

You can contact the Maryland Legislature here:

SB281 Regulations: Project Crowdsource

MSP has been unable to meet it’s goal of posting the SB281 regulations to COMAR by September 6th for public comment. Fortunately for us, several Maryland legislators were willing to share the advance copies they have been provided by MSP. You can find the proposed regulations here:

Proposed COMAR Rules Page 1
Proposed COMAR Rules Page 2

Here is a link to SB281’s final text. 

We would like out members to start to tear these apart looking for instances when the regulations go beyond what is authorized by SB281, are contradictory, or make invalid presumptions as to what MSP is entitled to regulate.

When you find errors please email them to:

MSI will review the submissions and the randomly select 5 submissions to win MSI swag.

We can then begin to gather an encyclopedia of errors for when comments on the regulations open. If MSP fails to address legitimate comments, it only strengthens our ability to fight the implementation of SB281.

MSI Annual Meeting September 22, 2013

MSI annual meeting will take place at the Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company in Severna Park MD on Sunday, September 22, 2013. The agenda for the meeting will include the Election of Officers and the Board of Directors, revisions to the bylaws, and our plans for moving forward into 2014.

The halls’ location is:
Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company
161 Ritchie Hwy
Severna Park, MD 21146

Google Maps Link

A meeting of Maryland Shall Issue® Executive Members will begin at 10:30am to be followed by a meeting of the general membership at 1:30pm. For those attending both meetings there will be a short break for lunch.

The general membership meeting will conclude with a keynote speech by Emily Miller, Washington Times columnist and author of Emily Gets Her Gun but Obama Wants to Take Yours. Ms Miller will be available for a book signing after the meeting so if you can, bring your copies of the book for signing.

Due to the high turnout expected, we are asking everyone attending to RSVP through out website at

If you are a current Executive Member in good standing and are interested in running for the Board of Directors or an Officer position, please contact We will be providing information on the slate of candidates running for office in a special update next weekend.