Stop SB281 2/6/13-1pm Maryland Senate. Attend and Testify

The first round of hearings in Annapolis have been scheduled for Wednesday, February 6. Hearings start promptly at 1PM. It is imperative that anyone reading this message that is able to attend the hearings makes arrangements to do so. Among the bills being heard that day in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee is SB 281, the ironically titled “Firearm Safety Act of 2013.” It is without question the most draconian and overt gun grab ever attempted in the state of Maryland.

More details will be coming regarding bills that have been filed to this point, but please plan to show up in Annapolis on February 6. The state of Maryland is literally coming for your guns and the only way to stop them is to make your voice heard!

MSI has composed a brochure on how the new bill will impact ALL Marylander’s 2nd Amendment Civil Rights.Download it and Share Today!

What We Need You To Do:

1. Contact the members of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee via email using the Quick Email Tool. Tell them that you do not support gun control in any form. Your emails need not be lengthy or chock full of detail. Just register your opposition with the members of the SJPC.

2. Pick up the phone and call the members of the SJPC. Remind them that you oppose gun control, that you support those who support your rights, and vehemently oppose those who attack your rights.

Attending a Hearing in Annapolis

For those that have not attended a hearing in the past, below are some general guidelines for attendance as well as the practicalities of actually getting to the hearing:

•Parking is at the Navy/Marine Corps stadium (Exit 24 off of RT 50) and is cheap. Plan your arrival to be at the hearings by Noon.
•Catch the shuttle and ask the driver to let you off at the House or Senate Office Buildings, respectively.
•Pass through security with a photo ID. Leave any knives, multi-tools, etc at home.
•Go to hearing room and stake your claim for a seat.
•If submitting written testimony, you will need 35 copies for the House, 20 for the Senate and it must be submitted by 11:00am.
•Dress is business or business casual. Let’s make a good impression by not playing into the stereotypes that they expect.
•Sign up sheets for testifying are inside the hearing room. Sign up to register your opinion, even if you don’t plan to speak.
•Typically, the folks representing you from the gun groups speak first as they have a coordinated plan of testimony.
•Be concise, polite, and stay on a single topic. If the day is getting long, it’s OK just to say “I support/oppose this bill”.

We MUST pack the room. We MUST run the hearings till 11pm or later with so many supporters testifying. 

Attending A Committee Hearing
Security in the Legislative Complex